Gladiator or 300

The epic battle continues.  It’s Leonidas going up against Maximus once again. Which movie was better, Gladiator or 300? I’m anxious to hear your reasons.

Gladiator or 300



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  1. thebenjamin on

    To me it’s no contest. Gladiator wins hands down. I like realistic story lines much better than ones that dabble in fantasy and myths.

    I keep a list of all the movies I see, and part of that list is a 1-10 rating for the movie. Gladiator got an 8; 300 got a 5.

  2. 30tocure30 on

    Even though in real life I would put all my money on Gerard Butler beating the snot out of Russell Crowe, we are talking movies here. Gladiator wins in a blood bath over 300. It isn’t even close. There is a reason Gladiator won 5 Oscars….

  3. magnusatthva on

    Visually, I’d go for 300. I just like the dark, comic-book effect and nice slo-mo shots (including that of the Oracle girl hehe) throughout the film but overall, story, dialogue, production values, etc. I’d bet on Gladiator.

  4. datalocker on


    Well, the more realistic the scenes are the more people will appreciate it. So, I’d go with Gladiator.

    Hope that will help.

  5. belikemichael on

    Having zero interest in either film, I’ll pick Gladiator simply because it’s a funny pun (“glad he ate her”) and 300 is just a number and it’s NOT 69.

    I do find it very amusing (how’s that for pretension?) when you ask someone to choose “A or B” and they essentially choose A and B.

  6. earlman27 on

    I haven’t seen either of these movies to be honest, so I really have no standpoint. Which one I’d rather see, it would more than likely be Gladiator based on better word-of-mouth.

  7. Troy on

    I found myself going for 300 more, but I’m the type of guy who’s insanely into the visualizations that are quite clear and a big time breakthrough in 300.

  8. Necessitas on

    I vote “Meet the Spartans.” :]

  9. keving on

    Gladiator. There are many reasons but a salient one is the total ripoff in 300 of the Gladiator wheatfield scene.

  10. waimomona on

    300 was one of the best films I had seen in awhile…hands down, they win! First of all it’s the power of the reason for their fight (like us Americans)and of Gerard Butler is a wonderful actor…passionate. It’s about a country’s fight for their love of freedom.

  11. waimomona on

    Oh, and, like I said about chocolate…it’s ok as long as you don’t eat toooooo much…aloha

  12. Sriharsha on

    I think no one ‘d have a doubt about which one is the best movie. Gladiator has everything to it, the history, the actors, the director and above all a neat storyline with not much of noise or hullaballo around. Its cool. Even the music scores are one of the finest.

  13. reggpal on

    Gladiator. The acting in 300 was subpar. A great action movie. But Gladiator is great film.

  14. jt4breakfast on

    I adore both. And it hurts to say this due to the enormous amounts of eye candy, and kick ass action in 300, but I will have to go with Gladiator. It’s simply a classic. (300 was AMAZING though).

  15. When Giants Meet on

    Well I like both movies, but for different things.
    Gladiator was a great movie, visuals, brutal and in your face. 300 on the other hand was more of a stylistic view. 300 takes a great story and fleshes it out exactly how I think it should’ve looked like. It’s a hard choice because both do something so well. There is one thing I could say about both movies…Gladiator has the infinite replay, while 300 is soo far out there that I know for sure I won’t see it as much as Gladiator.
    I guess I pick Gladiator!

  16. pochp on

    I like Gladiator better because I find 300 corny.

  17. wheatbites on

    oooOOOooo tough call. Gladiator does have some great one liners and very emotional / passionate moments… but the special effects and slow-mo fight scenes in 300 are AWESOME! I would have to say 300… Gerard Butler is great… even if he did play the phantom in “Phantom of the Opera” the movie.

  18. fake shemp on

    300 (gladiator was soooooo boring)

  19. lattegirl8 on

    I cried watching the gladiator, and if a movie made me cry, that means its good.
    But 300 is a new concept with different visual effect, i think this will not be a good comparison technical wise with gladiator.
    I was thinking of gladiator versus braveheart.

  20. Cle on

    Half dressed, beefy men in leather…..what’s not to like???
    To quote Captain Oveur;
    Joey, do you like movies about gladiators?

  21. addydunkle on

    300 was a great comic but the movie props go to gladiator. complete ownership

    Addy Dunkle,

  22. serdafied on

    Gladiator has better drama story and acting hands down i gave it a 9 on 10.

    300 is a great Action/Fantasy movie that was amazing in the fact that as a movie shot ENTIRELY in front of blue screen it looked amazing on DVD and HD-DVD where most movies that were critically acclaimed and oscar worthy for special effect i.e. King Kong looked horrible on DVD and HD-DVD the stampeding brontosauruses looked like they were added into the movie with Microsoft Paint when i got it home 😦 . I gave 300 an 8.5 on 10.

    Gladiator FTW

    check out my blog

    Serdafied in case I broke the link

  23. Versatile1 on

    For film style, 300 wins. Director is kickass.

    For story, Gladiator wins.

  24. pochp on

    Good assessment.

  25. pipsqueak08 on

    both are good films. no doubt that 300 indeed left a mark with its memorable lines. ahoo! ahoo! ahoo! though, i will still go for gladiator coz of the story. =)

  26. anima9 on

    gladiator ftw

    one of the reasons why i like russell crowe

  27. Royal on

    Better storyline.

  28. japo on

    Gladiator too

  29. brandonsneed on


    Although, who would win in a fight between Max and Leo?

    I’d say Leo. The dude is shredded. And has a way cooler sword.

  30. Narrator on

    I would go out on a limb and say that aesthetically and visually Gladiator is more interesting than 300, which I found to be drab, tiresome and cringeworthy. Yes, I’ll be honest, I was hanging my head in shame before the credits rolled.

    Gladiator is far from the perfect film, but its one of the best Ridley Scott films in the last ten years.

  31. amomymous on

    i will go for 300 as it is full of action compared to dull storyline of gladiator. both are history movies,but again some how u need to tell in it attractively,isnt it?

  32. Secutor on

    Gladiator is much better, 300 is so dark and in some moments ugly, in Gladiator we have so much emotes and it is more realistic 🙂

  33. koosha on

    gladiator. Better storyline
    300 no realy.

  34. Master A C on

    hi guys
    my vote is Gladiator
    300`s story was not true historical story

    Maximus is my Hero

  35. Historian on

    My vote would have to go to Gladiator for the storyline.

    300 is actually a more historically accurate movie (The Battle of Thermopalye) but it was obviously altered to make it more ‘Hollywood’ friendly, and while the fighting scenes were top notch, it can’t match the emotionally moving speeches and battles that Maximus can dish out.

    Gladiator, while being loosly based on the time period in which the Roman Emperor Marcus Aeralius died, the movie writers created the character of Maximus, thus since he didn’t have to fit a mold was destined to win a larger audience, because he could appeal and not have to worry about being historically accurate, thus why this movie has a better storyline.

  36. King on


  37. Karthik on

    GLADIATOR beats 300 in many aspects such as Dialogues,Emotions, the great music by HANS ZIMMER and LISA GERRARD.

    Russell Crowe was well complemented by performance of Joaquin Phoenix perfectly

  38. Theodore Tiernan on

    I’ve seen both movies. Gladiator has a better story line, but 300 has better action. I even give credit for Rise of an Empire. So 300 is better. Maximus was good, but not as good as King Leonidas or Themistocles. Plus, I like Zack Snyder and his films. Plus-plus, Gladiator’s music was good, but it’s not as good as 300’s music.

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