Blackberry or iPhone

The two devices below have caused some pretty heated discussions.  I guess it depends on if you’re all about business or pleasure.  Because we all know you really shouldn’t mix both,  which one do you prefer?


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  1. earlman27 on

    I have tinkered a little bit with the Iphone, and have played around with a blackberry. The b-berry I didn’t like. The keys are quite small, and I’m a 185 lb. 6 foot 6 in. white guy, so that’s close. Too close. It was also quite slow. The Iphone was very sleek, stylish, but functional. The keys all worked quite well, the buttons easy to use, it responded well.

    Iphone to me.

  2. romans421 on

    I Phone all the way!

  3. range on

    iPhone, though business people prefer the Crackberry.

  4. Laura on

    Easily the iPhone!
    Like, no contest.
    I’m planning on getting one later this year because I just can’t resist them any longer.

  5. Necessitas on

    Considering I’ve never used either phone, I’m not sure which to choose. It can go either way.

    I’m quite fond of the Blackberry Pearl because I know someone who use to have one. The iPhone has had a lot of problems. I haven’t heard any problems about the Blackberry.

    I think I’d choose the one with no problems, but that’s just me.

    I think Zeus would choose the iPhone (new one) because you can shake. He tried shaking his phone last night…nothing happened…bummer…

  6. Et Cetera on

    If you’re doing business you have to go with the Blackberry. The iPhone is very pretty though.

  7. Bog Raver on

    Definitely iPhone. I’ve had two Blackberries and they’re stone-aged compared to the iPhone. By the way, why don’t you set up a Poll Daddy poll for this? Free from WordPress! Thanks for your comment on my post too…

  8. Kevin on

    @Blog Raver

    I could but I want to see the reasons in addition to what people pick. Plus it’s not as much fun. haha

  9. striggity on

    I’m a bit biased, but I’m gonna go w/ the blackberry. I’ve owned virtually EVERY blackberry model thus far (except for the flip phone one on T-Mobile, the Storm, and the Bold), and I love them. The iPhone is awesome, but I text/email far too much to rely on a touch screen.

  10. Jay on

    I’m also biased but I’d go with the iphone.. I always found something antiquated-looking about the blackberry, even when it first came out. I think it’s those buttons…typing on a touch screen isn’t as bad as I thought it would be before I got one. I find that I type faster on a touchscreen, in fact.

  11. michellelloyd on

    iphone all the way!

  12. ptighe on

    iPhone all the way!

  13. Vorr on

    The iPhone bugs me when I use it. It’s not very accurate when typing. I can never get it to work. I guess it’s really on what type of characteristics YOU have, and how you do things. I’ve never TRIED the B-Berry though. SO my account might as well be useless…. BUT YEAH!!!! ^*

  14. nicomia on

    Blackberry all the way! Nico & I tried using iphone and it annoyed the hell out of us!

  15. Jasline on

    iPhone! haha. I’m a big big apple fan! 😀

  16. MsC on

    Crackberry. Iphone is so….blah. Over-hyped. And if the touch-screen is what tickles your fancy, Blackberry’s touch-screen will be out in the new year.

  17. blacklipswhitefly on

    do both of them ring?


    i think i’m gonna go for the two

  18. lattegirl8 on

    I phone is on my wish list….

  19. addydunkle on

    iPhone all day. BB is for boring people

    Addy Dunkle,

  20. creatorsdelight on

    They both are really nice, but I have to go with the iPhone(:

  21. Maven Δ on

    What you’re comparing here are “smart phones”. The iPhone scores a definite 10 on the cool factor. But Apple isn’t really a phone manufacturer; it’s a computer company. And that’s what you get with the iPhone: a small computer that can make phone calls. Blackberry makes a better smart phone IMO. Motorola Q isn’t bad either. Like any product, it’s all what you intend to use it for.

  22. wordpressadvisor on

    I would choose iPhone. Love the design. I can get lots of free applications. One of the not-nice thing about iPhone is the keypad.

  23. izikavazo on

    Blackberry, there’s nothing like a real QWERTY keyboard.

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