Mayweather or Pacquiao

Alright, after seeing Manny Pacquiao pretty much embarrass and destroy Oscar De La Hoya last night, my friends and I got into a heated debate about a fight we would love to see.  Floyd Mayweather against Manny Pacquiao, who do you think would win and why?

Floyd vs Manny



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  1. Martin Perez on

    This is a good year for black Americans, but one can’t cast Manny aside.

  2. metalpig on

    man, it’s really hard to predict! both fighters are great(pound4pound), but if Manny wants to do his job against Floyd, what he had done in his fight with Dela Hoya, i think he had to make it double. 🙂

  3. consilioetanimis on

    Manny Pacquiao… he thrives in drama … while Mayweather makes them. I think Mayweather thinks like a businessman. He won’t take this risk of possibly tarnishing his record with one loss. He picked on Hatton because he knew he lacked technical skills in reading opponents. We all know never to believe Floyd Jr. when he mentions retirement. He can’t bet on NBA games for the rest of his life, now can he? Most plausible fight I can think of… is Hatton… since Hatton had the same sparring partners as Oscar De La Hoya and Hatton actually handled them better than Oscar. AND since FATTON, for sure, is another bigger opponent for Pacquiao to test his skills with.

  4. When Giants Meet on

    After last night, I will not doubt Manny’s speed at all. I never wanted Oscar to win in the first place, but wow was he fast.
    Now with Mayweather, he definitely brings the drama, most times brings the hurt too. Something about Floyd makes me want to say Manny might get to win. Manny has a focused determination that I doubt Mayweather has (which makes me think he won’t win). If I really had to chose I’d go for Pacman.

  5. Vorr on

    Manny. Definitely. Why you ask? Because he has agility, lives in the way of drama-which hardens you, and is a process that just makes that person someone to be like Yah!-, and because I SAY SO…. Mwahahahahaha.

  6. Josh Weitz on

    floyd would kill manny… he unlike oscar can pull the trigger when he punches, and has power, if manny was wobbled and knocked out at 135 you’re talking about a legit middleweight, how is faster then him, and technically damn near perfect, respect manny but his best match up is with ricky hatton…. though floyd i want to see maybe paul williams or bad chad dawson…

  7. Chad on

    If you could arrange a Pacquiao/Mayweather Jr. fight I think Mayweather would knock him out in 4 rounds.

    Mayweather Jr. is more powerful, faster, and a better boxer. Manny would be able to fight with him for a while, but Mayweather’s skill would overwhelm in the end.

  8. wends on

    I think mayweather can beat up pacman because he has more power. Africans normally are more powerful than other races, this is the reason why I think mayweather will win over pacquiao. Did pacquiao ever fought with an african american before?

  9. Everything on

    yes, pacman knockout african-american before.. but it was in lower weight division.. I’m a Filipino but I can’t tell that Pacquiao will win in Floyd-Manny Match.. But we’ll see.. I can’t even tell before that Manny can win against De la Hoya but he did.. Mabuhay Pilipinas!!

  10. Gem on

    Mayweather has the strength, height, reach and unbeatable skills. With zero defeats and so-so knockouts, evidently, these numbers would clearly say that he’s really unbeatable. He can knock down Pacquiao anytime. But on the other hand, we cannot belittle this guy. Everyone thought he would lose that fight. We’ll just have to see to find out… 🙂

  11. fake shemp on

    Mayweather (but i dont like him) but still Mayweather

  12. Devy on

    As much as I love the PacMan, I’ll have to go with Mayweather based on the stats.

    Thanks again for visiting my blog 🙂 I love this concept.

  13. Kevin on

    Thanks for your input Devy. Glad you like the concept.

  14. Marshall Matthews on

    I’d definitely put my money on Money Mayweather
    I this is a cool blog you got going on here.
    I’m with Devy love the concept.

  15. Kevin on

    I Appreciate it Marshall Matthews. Thanks for the comment.

  16. ProceedApathy on

    Haha.. I don’t see what being black american has to do with winning a fight (in response to the first comment). I’m not too sure who would win this, Pacquaio really impressed me this weekend.. I don’t know much about him though, so I would have to go with Mayweather.. isn’t he undefeated too? I think it would definitely be a good fight though.

  17. sendtoharvey on

    i’m a filipino, so gotta be pacman

  18. Thumbbook on

    It would be dangerous to underestimate Pacman. He is a great boxer and he knows how to prepare for his fights. His last fight surprised everyone with his speed and tactics.

  19. addydunkle on

    I’m Black so gotta be Mayweather. Seriously, Mayweather has started training again. The way Pac served de La hoya puts everybody on notice. these are the two best boxers, pound for pound.

    Addy Dunkle,

  20. mameng on

    I have faith in Pacquiao. Pacman was able to overcome his height and reach disadvantage against de la Hoya. He’s got the determination, the discipline, the speed and the heart. He keeps getting better! One thing’s for certain, it will be one heck of a good fight. 🙂

  21. Cannon's Canon on

    Mayweather would smoke Pacman. Mayweather’s defense is too good to be overcome by Pac’s speed, plus he will hit harder than even power-pac. Going up in weight works best when going up against washed-up old ex-stars; just ask Jones or Tarver.

  22. japo on

    I’m a filipino, but I’m for Mayweather… still, im proud for pacman

  23. pacman on

    pacman, people need to quit underestimating him. Never judge a book by its cover, pacman for the win, and by the way im purple :p

  24. chris bell on

    Money will determine when this fight goes ahead. The rest is just the usual pre big fight hype.the result is relativley easy to call, Mayweather on points 4-6 rounds. Money Mayweather is technically too gifted. having said that i would love to see Manny gobble him up ala Chavez-Taylor 1

  25. recca on

    very easy fight for manny… chix.. no match….

  26. recca on

    it gonna be the sipliest fight of manny.. gayweather has no style no power and very slow.. only style he got is riding bicycle thats it…no reason to watch waste of time and money very no match fight….. its like kinder student versus professional layer….

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