Pizza Hut or Domino’s

My friends and I consume pizza like you wouldn’t believe.  Having it delivered to the dorms is the usual protocol.  It takes about an hour and half for it to be delivered though.  Thirty minutes for the delivery, and a full hour of arguing about where we should get it from, Pizza Hut or Domino’s.  It’s the deep dish going against the masterminds of the 5 5 5 deal.  Which pizza place is better?

Pizza Hut or Domino's


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  1. nicomia on

    Pizza Hut!!!! 🙂

  2. wheatbites on

    I have to say Pizza Hut… only because as a child the phone number has been drilled into my head by a catchy jingle on their television commercial… 9481 1111…. 9481 1111… and so they sing OVER and OVER again. I don’t remember Domino’s number off by heart, and normally i can’t be bothered to look it up! 🙂
    So Pizza Hut it is!

  3. rogerpoh on

    Ha, ha, I’m not much of a pizza eater myself but I would without hesitation pick Domino’s. Why? Its logo is COOL. LOL

  4. Jasline on

    Hi Kevin! 🙂

    Ha, there’s no Domino’s Pizza in Singapore I think, it’s been dominated by Pizza Hut over here. I’d probably choose Pizza Hut, but then again, I’d prefer to make my own pizza! :p

  5. abrandnewcolony on

    Pizza Hut! I love the pan pizza crust!

  6. belikemichael on

    Pizza Hut! Their breadsticks rule.

  7. MsC on

    ICK on both. You should save yourself some cash and learn to spin your own ‘za. Totally worth it. And it impresses girls if you can cook.

  8. fake shemp on

    yeah try making your own with weird toppings

  9. char rawr! on

    pizza hut. quality over quantity

  10. urbanupdater on

    pizza hut is way better quality. WAY! Dominos is a better price for poor college students – i know because i used to only order that when I was in college. I think go for pizza hut!

  11. coleyconfections on

    I usually make my own gourmet pizzas, but I’d vote for Pizza Hut in a pinch. It’s a bit greasy, but hey… aren’t all pizzas greasy? 😉

  12. earlman27 on

    Hmmm… MsC… Cooking impresses girls. I will keep that in mind.

    Pizza Hut all the way for me. The crust isn’t as good, but the bread and sauce just tastes way better.

  13. Devy on

    Dominos. I had better deals ordering from Dominos during college than Pizza Hut.

    But now… California Pizza Kitchen! 🙂

  14. Jazz on

    Papa John’s?…

  15. Kevin on

    lol. Papa John’s over Pizza Hut AND Domino’s?!

  16. shahirahmahther on

    i was into pizza hut…i have to agree that they do have the quality pizza…but nowadays i found that domino’s give better deals…and quantity. for a student, i’d go for quantity over quality as money usually is an issue. plus it’s true…i’d totally go for a guy who can cook 😉

  17. sendtoharvey on

    hands down, pizza hut, more pricey. but hey, they have stuffed crust…that wins always…

  18. joseph on

    thin crust, beef, mushrooms and jalapenos from PH, cant ever go wrong with that. -> for your daily dose on life!

  19. lattegirl8 on

    Pizza Hut for me since I am a fun of thick crust pizza. But have you tasted Greenwich Pizza from the Philippines? it’s a must try also

  20. Necessitas on

    Two really bad choices in my book.

    The only thing I like about either of those places is the bread.

    I hate the pizza.

    But I vote Pizza Hut.

  21. onestopcook on

    Hey Kevin,

    Per your request and by the way, thank you for your comment on the cherry crisp recipe.

    If all I had to choose from was those two I’d pick pizza hut over dominos. I normally like to make my own from scratch and you can find a recipe for that at my blog under italian food.
    Here’s a quicky pizza idea for you. You can buy a ready made pizza dough ( pillsbury makes a good one ) in the store along with your favorite jar of spaghetti sauce and some grated mozzarella cheese and whatever toppings you like. Make sure any meat toppings are precooked. It’ll take about 10 minutes to prepare and about 15 minutes to cook… thats less than half an hour! You can also make mini pizza’s using bagels, english muffins, pita bread or any type of sliced bread. The cost is affordable for those students on a budget. If you have any ??’s shoot me an e-mail.


  22. creatorsdelight on


  23. When Giants Meet on

    Pizza hut. Domino’s Pizza blows, always has a weird after taste no matter what state I’ve eaten it.

  24. zooeyibz on

    Papa John’s, all the way.

  25. Versatile1 on

    Little Ceasars = $5 large all the time , any time.

  26. striggity on

    If I had to chose, I’d say Pizza Hut. I’m not a huge fan of chains, but Dominos is hit or miss, Pizza Hut, I usually know what to expect.

  27. sangitapawar25 on

    I don’t like pizza much.BUT pizza hut is better in all sense.

  28. japo on

    Pizza Hut

  29. missscarlett on

    Pizza hut

  30. Outside My Brain on

    Now that Domino’s has changed up it recipe… it is way better than PH. I love the new crust. It’s amazing! So now, you can get quantity and quality.

  31. Theodore Tiernan on

    I love Domino’s, but I agree with the rest of you guys that Pizza Hut is better.

  32. Gina on

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