Fight Crime Like Batman or The Punisher

After seeing the new Punisher movie last night, my friends and I couldn’t help but notice the similarities between Batman and The Punisher.  Both characters had family members killed by criminals.  They then devoted their life to fighting crime by using special skills and weapons.  The way they fight crime is the major difference.  Batman captures the criminals and hands them over to the police, trying his hardest not to kill.  The Punisher however, shows no mercy and his main objective is to kill criminals. So how would you fight crime, like Batman or The Punisher? I guess you can argue that it depends on if you believe in rehabilitation or capital punishment.

Batman or Punisher


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  1. joseph on

    batman is kinda too emo, the punisher is a badass… it is a tuff decision so i will base it off costumes. The batman’s suit makes you look like you have a six pack which is a plus to all the ladies… SO BATMAN. -> for your daily dose on life!

  2. lattegirl8 on

    haven’t seen the punisher, but I am not a batman fan…

  3. Blessing on

    The Punisher is a different hero, most of them superman, batman, spiderman do not kill the victim, punisher does not appeal to me, they have to have to have that humane side.

  4. sendtoharvey on

    neither…i’m a iron man guy myself

  5. Thumbbook on

    Im for the punisher! But in real life, I would choose Batman of course. The villains in comicbooks are really bad…they only reap what they sow.

  6. addydunkle on

    Gotta go with Punisher. But, the real Dark Knight as told by Frank Miller was closer to the Punisher than he was to Batman

    Addy Dunkle,

  7. serdafied on

    Blessing said “they have to have that human side”. This confuses me cause revenge is a very human trait. Something that we all feel at times and take out in different ways. It may be as simple as getting revenge for a cruel joke by embarrassing someone. Both heroes have the same goal: get criminals off the streets as my personal revenge for what criminals did to my family. Batman id kinda emo about it but is bad ass relying heavily on being a Ninja which is cool. The Punisher is more balls to the wall shoot first ask questions later type. I love them both. it comes down to the alter egos.

    -Batman = emo ninja in a rubber animal costume
    -Bruce Wayne = unfulfilled millionaire hiding from himself

    The Punisher = ex-military bad ass hell bent on revenge
    Frank Castle = ex-military bad ass hell bent on revenge

    The Punisher wins cause he is himself.

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  8. Kevin on

    Hmmmmm. you make a very good point serdafied. Thanks for the comment.

  9. eightysbaby on

    Man BATMAN, its not even close. Frank Castle is just a vietnam vet with a chip on his shoulder and some guns.

    Batman well Bats is Bats

    Plus Batman Villans>>>>Jigsaw’s Face

  10. Versatile1 on

    Batman because he is more down to earth and “sophistication”.

    Punisher is some guy who is part badass, and part revenge.

    I didn’t get a chance to see the new punisher yet. Is it the same actor from the 1st one?

  11. Matt on

    As much as I like The Punisher character, he’s just as bad as the criminals he kills. I mean now that he’s avenged the death of his family, he needs to get over his whole revenge scheme and take down criminals down like Batman. It takes no skill to kill criminals, after a while it just gets a little lame.

    My vote is for The Dark Knight, because he’s able to take down the bad guys strategically and non-lethally, making an impact on the criminal underworld. He makes the whole idea of crime fighting interesting.

  12. Kevin on

    @ Versatile1

    Thomas Jane played the Punisher in the 2004 film. Ray Stevenson is playing the Punisher in the current film. Not sure if Marvel wanted someone new, or Jane refused to be in the War Zone Movie.

  13. serdafied on

    Jane wanted to pursue real acting, which was in the first punisher movie as it was very character and plot drive. Where as the War Zone movie, which I haven’t seen, is based on the War Zone series of comics. These were heavy on the violence, hence the title. This is why the War Zone movie is more or less Gun Porn 🙂 I can’t wait to see it.

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  14. serdafied on

    Oh BTW Kevin i’m adding you to my blogroll man i like the concept here. feel free to do the same 🙂

  15. earlman27 on

    Batman all the way for me. He probably has an easier job of sleeping at night.

  16. ValancyJane on

    Batman. Because he’s BATMAN.

  17. sheasthoughts on

    I would pick Batman because although revenge is a human trait it is not something we should follow through on. Unless he has no choice he should not kill anyone and that is what separates him from the punisher. It is not our decision to decide who lives and who dies and just because someone does make that decision doesn’t give punisher or anyone else the right to extract revenge.

  18. jodatoa on

    The new Punisher is Ridiculasly BAD! Can’t believe they keep making new ones of it. Batman on the other hand is way way better. Deeper story lines, and better characters.


  19. brandonsneed on

    Christian Bale’s Batman.

  20. Yamane Ishi on

    Rehabilitation or capital punishment? I’ll answer that with another question. How many of the criminals that Batman put away came back to cause problems later?

  21. amomymous on

    the new batman actor is so damn cool n the movie too so real life compared to older version like cartoons.

  22. Evil on

    The Punisher (fithing crime, not the movies)

    Batman has been fighting the same bad guys for years and he has gotten onwhere with with them.

  23. tylasprinkle on

    I think i’m like Batman because I dom’t like killing people as much as Batman and because Batman wants to get revenge on the person who killed his parents just like I want to revenge on the person who keeps bothering me constantly everday and me and Batman just want relax.

  24. shrapnel on

    batman is a joke.. some people deserve death. all he gives is second chances. ask yourself if a child molester rapist was on the street would you want him taken in by bats. or punishment?

    PUNISHER for sure.

    maybe chuck norris with a paperclip if need be.

  25. Julian on

    Are you kidding me ? It is pretty obviously I would choose The Punisher, people in jail do not learn anything, so why not killing them ? It is good to release them from their sins using the death as a solution for their sinner lifes

  26. Verex on

    Look the USA’s Judicial system is corrupt much like the rest of the government. What good does it do to send pedophiles, murderers, rapist, & drug dealers to prison only to be released months later to start all over on a “technicality” or “loop-hole”? Come on people wisen up! Bunch a liberal panty-wastes. People like that don’t change, unless God almighty does something & prison makes them smater at their craft. Granted Castle doesn’t need to kill every criminal & he doesn’t, but Bat’s needs to grow a set & open his eyes to the truth that he’s only feeding the system. Maybe it’s some sort of sick self-preservation? Some people can be helped and change, but first they have to admitt their problem & want to help change themselves. Punisher is right; their is a war at our doorsteps. What we can kill terrorists that murder masses of people but not serial killers, rapiste, drug lords, & above all pedophiles? If you think Castle’s bad just wait for the Guardian of Tears, lol…

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  28. Dominic on

    Batman is awesome!

  29. A Punisher fan. on


  30. Epic guy.... on

    I’d have to come up with my own hero I will dress like a villain to confuse the public but I will do good deeds I prefer to use a bow staff as I advance I will use a samurai sword……

  31. Theodore Tiernan on

    I love them both, I can;t decide which one’s better. Now if there was a match between Batman or Spider-Man, I say Batman would kick Spidey’s ass, although I have became a Spider-Man fan since I’ve seen “The Amazing Spider-Man 2”.

  32. Theodore Tiernan on

    I love them both so muh, I can’t decide which one’s better. Now if there was a match between Batman or Spider-Man, I say Batman would kick Spidey’s ass, although I have became a Spider-Man fan since I’ve seen “The Amazing Spider-Man 2”.

  33. Theodore Tiernan on

    I would fight crime with Batman’s fighting skills, equipment, gadgets, brilliant mind, strength, and vehicles, but discipline criminals Punisher’s way

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