Who Has Eaten More Disgusting Stuff: Bear Grylls or Contestants From Fear Factor

I never thought I would see another show compete with Fear Factor in terms of people eating really disgusting stuff.  Then came along the show Man vs Wild starring Bear Grylls, who is a one man wrecking crew.  Here’s The Toss Up, who do you think has eaten more disgusting stuff? Bear Grylls or the contestants from Fear Factor?



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  1. Shane on

    It would have to be the contestants of fear factor. Sure, Bear eats a lot of horrible things in the wild but Bear is eating fairly eatable stuff. He eats bugs, bunnies, snakes, berries, things like that.

    Contestants on Fear Factor had, on one episode, had to eat bull testicles. I think the people who had to eat more disgusting things goes to those on fear factor.

  2. Cle on

    You guys haven’t met my two year old.

  3. rossah on

    I’ll say Fear Factor currently. Don’t get me wrong, Bear downs some unthinkable “delicacies” but out of sheer quantity at times the contestants win this.

  4. Royal on

    Fear Factor for sure.
    Grylls is trying to survive (not really).
    FF contestants are just trying to stack paper to the ceiling by eating gross shit.
    Besides, Tyrone Biggums was on Fear Factor and won.
    (RIP Chappelles Show)

  5. Kevin on

    lol. oh yea, I remember that episode. Classic.

  6. theoriginalsteve on

    I havent seen the fear factor so im going to have to say bear!

  7. earlman27 on

    I’ll never choose bear grylls over Fear Factor, which caused my mom to gag constantly all hour long. L-O-L.

  8. ValancyJane on

    Bear Grylls. On Fear Factor, expert pick out things that are gross, but safe. Bear eats stuff to stay alive and is therefore, a lot less picky. Remember the frozen eyeball of the dead goat on the mountain top?

  9. Scott on

    I would definitely have to say Bear. A person who drinks their own pee…ewww, gag me!

  10. sheasthoughts on

    Well i’m guessing anything they eat on T.V. is nasty but not gonna hurt them while the other guy just eats whatever so prolly him lol

  11. mike.quell on

    I hate Grylls. You should have put Les Stroud on here. Fear Factor hands down.

  12. Rich Bordner on

    Bear Grylls, hands down. When he drank water from elephant poop, that was it. Can’t get worse than that.

  13. japo on

    Fear Factor… just because they are humans…

  14. hall monitor on

    Bear would eat the stuff Fear Factor contestants puke up.

    Hall Monitor

  15. Kevin on

    haha. I think you might be right on that one

  16. curatis on

    bear drank camel poo juice and deer droppings. those are edible, but can contain harmful bacteria.

  17. HolyPredator on

    Is this a retarded question? Of course its bear grylls.

    The things they ate at fear factor are 100% safe and clean.(Even if its a raw bull testicle.. it is cleaned thorughly and assured to be safe before they gave the contestant)

    Bear grylls eat those stuff FROM THE WILD… At an interview, he is said to be hospitalize eating the left overs of a zebra from one of the episode.

    Besides, the contestant puked and even hesitated to eat… Bear Grylls ate those stuff like a freaking BEAR…

  18. boorve on

    The fear factor contestants eats bull testicals and cries. Bear eats raw goatstestical and says its a delicassy

  19. Thiennhu on

    Bear Grylls one time drink water out of elephant’s doodoo by squeezing it to extract the water. Now who can do that? Fear Factor? nope!
    Fear Factor eat mostly stuff that are consider safe to eat not dangerous. A lot of stuff that contestant eat from Fear Factor are what third world country eat daily.

  20. BOIKA on

    Bear grylls drinked the juice from camels shit and eaten shitbugs and then again posiones snakes well and scorpions and shit ye fear factor is hardcore but still i doubt they bear that bear grylls just my opinion.

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