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As I sit here and write this post on my very old Toshiba laptop, which could explode at any moment, it’s no secret that I need a new computer.  I’m just not sure if I should get a PC or Mac.  I’ve asked my friends what they would recommend, but it was pretty much split down the middle.  We all know the Mac has the better commercials.  But seriously, what would you recommend, a PC or Mac?



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  1. wheatbites on

    I have been a PC user my whole life. However, 6 months ago, i decided to take the plunge and get a Mac – and have not looked back. With my giant screen and very cool applications – i could not imagine it any of way! Plus, yes the Mac ads are way cooler – PC’s are trying to copy this strategy in their new advertisements focusing on the colour of the computer more than the features. Love the Mac!!

  2. jodatoa on

    Lol, I never used a Mac besides the ones at school. I been PC user my whole life, I just feel more comfortable using PC then Mac.


  3. korenhelbig on

    PC all the way! (Although maybe, if you can, avoid the piece of shit that is Vista.)

    That said, the only Mac I’ve ever used regularly was a crappy work one that hadn’t been upgraded since the year dot.

    Biased? Possibly. But I stand by my original contention.

  4. ginoray on

    same here, completely biased towards the PC since i have never tried the Mac. plus it’s a hell lot cheaper. not really a fan of Mac products as i find them overrated and overpriced.

    just my two cents.

  5. Spyware Detector on

    I agree with ‘ginoray’. PC is way cheaper and it’s more upgradeable compared to Mac.

  6. Spyware Eliminator on

    PC can be upgraded more freely than Mac. So yeah, PC for me.

  7. serdafied on

    PC!! If you want shiny applications they have the MAC like apps for Windows. I am familiar with Both and I choose PC. My home PC runs a Dual Boot with Vista (which I love, so F all you guys that say Vista is crap, take the time to learn a NEW os and you’ll love it) and Ubuntu. The Linux OS i run a\is a very very sexy MAClike interface but I still love my Windows its just more user friendly than any other system.

    check out my blog biznitches!


  8. faemom on

    I would have said PC before Vista. But Vista sucks hard. We can’t use our hp software to scan our get our pics off our camera (and yes we’ve installed and re-installed the patches and the hp software). Vista has crashed several other systems that I can’t recall because we just stopped using them. I am seriously thinking of buying a Mac. Oh, and I don’t know ANYONE, who likes Vista.

  9. Erica on

    I feel like macs are good for those that do a lot of photoshop or video editing. It’s good for that kind of stuff, no? Though, I know very little about macs, seeing how I am and have always been a PC user. The only times I ever use a mac are to violate the webcam features by taking an obscene amount of distored pictures of my face using those photoshop editing tools.

    With all that said, the point of this comment was to recommend a PC.

  10. Jake on

    Mac unless you’re poor.

  11. earlman27 on

    PC’s what I’ve grown up with, and it’s somewhat easier to me, and more friendly to the rest of the computer world. However, Macs are very good and more professional.

  12. belikemichael on

    Mac, no question. Long, long time PC user and got my first iMac recently and I am NEVER buying a PC again.

    I do agree with the whole ‘upgrading’ argument, but the fact is that a Mac doesn’t really need upgrading since it just plain works out of the box.

    BTW, Vista was what finally pushed me over the edge, but since I’ve switched, I’m finding many more things to validate my choice. Just go to the Apple store and sit on an iMac for an hour and do some work and you’ll see.

  13. japo on

    Mac… but its very expensive

  14. Joy on

    I’m having this debate in my little head right now and I do think I will switch to a MAC for my next one. I’m just sick of computers frying out before their time. I feel I have to replace my PC’s to often. I do have to say I don’t agree with Vista being crappy. I personally like it. Once you get all your stuff (printer, camera etc) compatible, I like it. It’s very hard to NOT buy Vista now. I just got a new laptop and the only one at Best Buy that didn’t have Vista looked ancient and I didn’t like it at all.

  15. brandonsneed on

    Mac. Definitely. Absolutely.

    Used a PC until my senior year of college. Bought a Mac this past summer, and haven’t looked back since. They’re simply easier to use, more reliable, and they can’t get viruses.

    Macbooks are getting more affordable too, especially with their student discounts. You’ll have to save up a little bit, but trust me, it’s worth it. You’ll save the extra money you’ll spend right now because you won’t have to worry about repairs or reinstalling the hard drive when it craps up for no reason or anything like that.

    So, to summarize….


  16. Royal on

    Hipster Mac’s are better, especially for aspiring producers and the artsy types…
    Even though I’ve been PC exclusive all my interneting days, I must say that Apples stay winning.

  17. Thumbbook on

    I’m a PC user, have been for years, but I’m savin up for a Mac.

  18. izikavazo on

    PC, Macs are all gloss and fun, but secretly a consumer trap.

  19. Typodactyl on

    PC machine, Mac OS.

    I’d still say a well cared-for PC running XP uses all sorts of resources better, and there certainly is a plethora of hardware to upgrade, games to play, and applications to use, but the actual user interface design is just so much more intelligent to me on a Mac.

    And it’s the little things, but they add up, like dragging a file and dropping into my dock icon to open it up. Yes, the dock takes up a lot of RAM, but it’s just so much intelligently designed and useful than the Windows XP dock.

    Is that convenience and UI design worth quadruple the cost? Usually not. If someone else is paying for it, I’d go with Mac.

  20. sendtoharvey on

    mac is too simple for me, i like the complicated pc world

  21. urbanupdater on

    definitely a mac. all you PC people need to switch. You have no idea what you’re missing.

  22. Sridhar on

    Mac forever, seriously, PCs are way too overrated, they give complete crap in the advertisements. what they don’t tell you is that they freeze even if their 3.2Ghz. get a mac, seriously, don’t even look at PC. Look at windows 7, Microsoft couldn’t keep up with Apple, and copied their interface, with very bad after-effects.

    Get a mac, it’s worth the money.

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