Better Polo: Lacoste or Ralph Lauren

Love Polos.  It usually comes down to the gator or the guy on the horse.  Which is the better of the two, Lacoste or Ralph Lauren?

Lacoste or Ralph Lauren


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  1. ar0undthewaygirl on

    Personally, I like the dude on the horse, lol. This blog is a really cool idea. I’ll be back 🙂

  2. japo on

    happy crocodile for me…

  3. deepsm25 on

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Ahh well, I like Ralph Lauren better 🙂 Keep going! Cheers!

  4. Joy on

    I like the happy crocodile for kids but like Ralph Lauren for adults.

  5. Royal on

    When your getting your ‘grown man’ on…
    you gotta roll with the horse.
    The croc is for the kids.

  6. Mollie on

    Either one. Just don’t flippin’ pop the damn collar!

  7. Laura on

    I agree with Mollie. The popped collar is obnoxious!

  8. earlman27 on

    Ralph Lauren all the way bro

  9. amomymous on

    i love both…cant decide which one

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