Blogger or WordPress

Believe me, I know that the results may be lopsided on this one, but it is a legitimate toss up.  Which is the better blogging software, Blogger or WordPress?

Blogspot or WordPress


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  1. Joy on

    I like WordPress because I hate filling out all the information every time I want to make a comment. That and that dumb code you have to put in.

  2. striggity on

    I had a blogger account for roughly a year that I started ignoring a few months ago. I decided to start blogging again, and tried WordPress out of curiosity. After signing up and making my first post, I deleted my blogger account.

  3. Thumbbook on

    WordPress for me! Joy is right, filling out all the info just to make a comment is a bother! It’s great to see your blog doing so well Kevin! I do love it!

  4. ValancyJane on

    I too switched from blogger to wordpress.

  5. Doug on

    Another vote for WordPress. I’ve used both WordPress and Blogger, but WordPress is easier to use, has more options, and in the end looks more professional, in my opinion.

  6. izikavazo on

    WordPress, I came from Blogger too, and WordPress is so much easier.
    BTW, why no polls? Wouldn’t that be more fun?

  7. madamelibrarian on

    I started lots of blogs on Blogger that I never ended up keeping up with, then switched to WordPress. I agree with Doug–it looks more professional.

    Thanks for your comment! I think I’ll be stopping by regularly 🙂

  8. urbanupdater on is really the best. So easy to keep updated, so stylish and you can actually blog from your phone!

  9. blogger31 on

    WordPress for me!:) I never had a blog on blogger, but you get a lot of theme options here and every blogger site looks basically the same.

  10. missscarlett on

    Blogger sucked.

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