Tupac or Biggie

Tupac and Biggie are hands down the greatest rappers of all time, but one of the most debated toss ups of all time is who was the better of the two.

Tupac or Biggie


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  1. Royal on

    Your boy Royal is going to have to say Biggie on this one.
    Who else has been immortalized in such as small amount of time? Lyrically he only slightly ahead of Tupac, but overall content wise I might have to give it to Pac.
    Either way, this is a tough one to call.

  2. Joy on

    Neither one.

  3. striggity on

    Biggie. Hands down. And in response to Royal, I think Biggie was light years ahead of Pac, although Pac was an excellent overall song writer.

  4. JB on

    Hit em up. Nuff said.

  5. dumbworldorder on

    Just for the quantity of good material (relistened to life after death awhile back and skipped through most of it), I have to go with Pac. And yeah, Hit Em Up would definitely be a tie breaker if there ever needed to be one.

    Looking forward to seeing the new Biggie flick though (on video), to see if they make Puffy look bad.

  6. Devy on

    Tupac. Hands down.

  7. moys on

    Biggie, hands down.

  8. ValancyJane on


  9. cam on

    tupac hands down

  10. wayne on

    biggie was was definitely a better mc and storyteller than tupac.Though tupac did have a longer career than Biggie , Biggie had more of an impact on hip hop than tupac.

  11. alesha on

    tupac _\|/_ hit em’ up!

  12. b dre on

    i think pac was the best of all times

  13. Funky B on

    Giving me the choice of just two…I’m going with Pac. His flow was sharp and crisp. Biggie was to “mushy” or “slurry” on the track.

    Seriously though, I really don’t think EITHER is the best of all time! Lyrically, not a rapper can alive (or deceased) can write like Eminem – his lyrical talent is untouched!

    And, no rapper has been able to drop knowledge like Rakim (not to mention the boy can rip a track up!) (close runner-up would be KRS-One lyrically, no so much on ripping the track though, he’s okay though)

    You also left out BDK (Big Daddy Kane) who could show off with the best of the best. And for longevity, mic skills, and ability to keep the fans listening…LL Cool J!

    Plus, in most talk, Jay-Z would pop up in there as the undisputed heavyweight rap champion…did you forget him?

    Pac & Biggie were great, no doubt…but hardly the runaways for greatest of all time. Too many other greats.


  14. faizan on

    Tupac hands down alllways was recoeding songs with his crew dear mama a heart touching song ambitions as a rider a sond upon all backstabbing frieand tupac lyrics meant something then and now

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