Superbad or Pineapple Express

Which movie is funnier?

SuperBad or Pineapple Express


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  1. davisw on

    Mr. Moviefone says “Superbad” is Super Good! I’d give it 10 stars!!!

  2. Just Jan on

    Pineapple Express made me laugh so hard I missed part of the movie. Counting down the days for the DVD release. “Thug Life”.

  3. striggity on

    I’ve seen half of Pineapple Express and thought it was pretty hilarious. I’m gonna need to see the rest but it’ll take alot to top Superbad. lol

  4. Royal on

    Pineapple Express by far.
    2 words: Danny McBride.
    If you got the time, go rent “The Foot Fist Way”
    Trust me.

    -Royal out.

  5. belikemichael on

    pineapple express, no question.

  6. sendtoharvey on

    superbad…i thought pineapple express was going to be different..still funny tho

  7. ValancyJane on


  8. forte40 on

    Pineapple Express, no annoying characters.

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