Going to college and living in the dorms with your friends, there is always a discussion going on about who or what is better. From cars, women, music, movies, and sports there are literally hundreds of things we argue about. Many of them can be considered a toss up and need more than two or three opinions. So, I decided to blog about them and see what other people had to say. Since we can’t decide, maybe you can.


15 comments so far

  1. belikemichael on

    Good idea for a blog… I have MANY discussions about this (hey, you have to fill a life somehow) and it’s always fun. The trick is a) getting people to participate and b) getting people to choose a side. Post lots of meaningless pix — that helps. Good luck!! I’ll subscribe, so don’t let me down.

    Here’s a freebie…
    Toss up: big thingies VS beauty?

  2. Kevin on

    Hey, Thanks for the freebie and subscribing belikemichael! I really appreciate the support.

  3. Thumbbook on

    Hello Kevin, what a cool blog! I like it! Im subscribing too 🙂

  4. creatorsdelight on

    That’s pretty sweet(:

  5. Maven Δ on

    My son just graduated college. My daughter is a Junior at SIU in Carbondale, IL. Hope I am not too old to participate here. (I’ll understand if you think that I am. Say the word, and I’ll stop commenting.)

  6. Kevin on

    @ Maven.

    lol. I’m not trying to discriminate based on age. I value your opinion just as much as anyone else. If you find a topic that interest you, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

  7. anima9 on

    wow nice blog 😀

  8. Shane on

    Interesting concept for a blog. Think I will be a regular here.

  9. Kevin on

    Thanks Shane, I appreciate it and thanks for commenting.

  10. Royal on

    Keep it consistent, great blog idea.
    Check out Royal’sReview (my site) when you get a minute.

  11. LA31 on

    Cool blog i will be a regular here..

  12. Kevin on

    Thanks LA31

  13. Erica on

    It’s funny that you commented on my blog, which ultimately led me to viewing yours. I have been in the process of creating another blog that deals with the whole “would you rather…this or that” issue, and your blog seems to do just that!

    The only thing stopping me from starting that blog is my inability to come up with a creative blog name. The ones I wanted have been taken!

  14. Kevin on

    Thanks for the comment Erica. I really like your blog, the articles are well written and interesting. I’ve already added you to the “Blogs We Do Agree On” section lol.

    And trust me, I know what you’re going through with the whole every domain name you think of is taken lol. I’ve probably had close to 5 or 6 great ideas for a blog or site, but all of the names I could think of were taken. I mean ALL of them.

  15. belikemichael on

    Another idea — can’t you add a POLL to each post? This way people can vote without having to leave a comment and the results are instantly viewable (no one reads any more).

    Happy Holidays OR Season’s Greetings?

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