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Who Has Eaten More Disgusting Stuff: Bear Grylls or Contestants From Fear Factor

I never thought I would see another show compete with Fear Factor in terms of people eating really disgusting stuff.  Then came along the show Man vs Wild starring Bear Grylls, who is a one man wrecking crew.  Here’s The Toss Up, who do you think has eaten more disgusting stuff? Bear Grylls or the contestants from Fear Factor?



Pizza Hut or Domino’s

My friends and I consume pizza like you wouldn’t believe.  Having it delivered to the dorms is the usual protocol.  It takes about an hour and half for it to be delivered though.  Thirty minutes for the delivery, and a full hour of arguing about where we should get it from, Pizza Hut or Domino’s.  It’s the deep dish going against the masterminds of the 5 5 5 deal.  Which pizza place is better?

Pizza Hut or Domino's