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Fight Crime Like Batman or The Punisher

After seeing the new Punisher movie last night, my friends and I couldn’t help but notice the similarities between Batman and The Punisher.  Both characters had family members killed by criminals.  They then devoted their life to fighting crime by using special skills and weapons.  The way they fight crime is the major difference.  Batman captures the criminals and hands them over to the police, trying his hardest not to kill.  The Punisher however, shows no mercy and his main objective is to kill criminals. So how would you fight crime, like Batman or The Punisher? I guess you can argue that it depends on if you believe in rehabilitation or capital punishment.

Batman or Punisher


Gladiator or 300

The epic battle continues.  It’s Leonidas going up against Maximus once again. Which movie was better, Gladiator or 300? I’m anxious to hear your reasons.

Gladiator or 300